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Fundur með erindi

Fimmtudaginn, 16. apríl 2009 - 16:45
Stofa 155 í VR-II, Hjarðarhaga 6.

Fundurinn hefst með veitingum að hefðbundnum hætti frá kl. 16:45.

Að þeim loknum, eða klukkan 17:15, flytur Edmund Harriss erindi sem hann nefnir: Some aspects of the Penrose tiling.

The Penrose tiling was discovered in the 1970s and is one of the simplest known sets of Aperiodic tiles. These are sets of tiles which tile the plane only in a non-periodic manner. It is also very beautiful as it has a five fold rotational symmetry.

In this talk I will discuss the Penrose tiling and the links between two methods of constructing it. The substitution method used by Penrose and the projection method discovered by De Bruijn.